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Adjust Odoo by configuration – but how?  

Odoo customization according to your needs

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Odoo is a license-free and modular ERP system that offers the possibility to customize business software according to your requirements. Through configuration, you can set up Odoo for your company and generate the maximum benefit for your company.

You can find further information on the application possibilities of Odoo. You can find further information about the application possibilities of Odoo see here.


Configuration of the basic data

You can easily configure he Odoo settings for your business on the surface. The prerequisite for this is the authorization of the resprective user. Under "Settings" - "General Settings", you have the possibility to store your company data. In addition to the address or contact data, you can also enter your tax-relevant data here. Furthermore, you have the option to define the rules and the text for reminders in the Odoo preferences.

You can also configure the URL and e-mail settings here. By simply configuring the incoming and outgoing mail servers, you can also set up the sending and receiving of mails. This allows you to take everything with a graphical interface. 

You can also determine whether Multi-Company is applicable, or if you want to import or export user data. You also have the option to configure whether you want to allow the integration of Google.

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Configuration of modules - manage apps

Odoo makes it possible to enable only the options you need for your business by its modular design. The desired modules can be found under "Settings". These can be installed via a simple click. When you install new modules, you have some initial configuration options for some apps during the installation process. For example, the country or account frame and data for the financial year are already queried there for finances.

After you have installed the apps, you have even more options in the respective category to adapt your Odoo according to the circumstances and requirements of your company. The configuration offers you here, depending on the selected category, e.g. Sales, finance or production, the related configuration options. Here, a corresponding authorization of the user is assumed too. Enabling or disabling options directly affects how your Odoo instance works.

Activation of options

Installation of additional modules during configuration

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Caution - activating options may install additional modules. When you move the mouse pointer over the option, a tooltip is displayed. There you can see what the option exactly does and whether further modules are installed. 

Use the configuration for your Odoo customization. We are happy to help you. Here you can find out more about IT IS and our services.

As a silver partner of Odoo, we are happy to assist you in your project. Through our more than 18 years of experience in the implementation of ERP systems, we have special expertise in consulting and methodology as well as the Implementierung of Odoo. 

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